I am really pissed by the fact that my favourite race is continuously underpowered. So much in fact, that i decided that the only solution is… to make my own MMO. I am insane, right? You heard it right. My primary motivation for doing an MMO is to exact revenge in the name of my favourite faction from the otherwise excellent, and almost perfect game EVE Online.

You might indeed think i am insane. If you have had anything to do with game development, you might well know that an MMO game is way beyond the reach of a hobbyist developer. There are full articles discouraging indie / hobbyist game developers from attempting an MMO. So wtf, how i am supposed to do it? Well, it is exactly this, and other related things what this blog will be about. Maybe it will be a huge failure, maybe it will be decent, maybe some of you will actually enjoy it at some point in the future. Until that, you are invited to follow me!

If you are just a casual gamer, who is into space battles, you might also be interested in following this blog, and this project.

Last but not least, here is my great offer: If CCP decides to give all lasers x2 damage, which i believe would be needed to make Amarr competitive, i will officially cancel this project, and re-subscribe to EVE right away!

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